Bringing you the most baller bites you could possible get your gob around is what makes us rock out. We’re obsessed by it. Consumed by it. Hell, we wake up in the middle of the night freaking out about it.

Bringing you the best means working with the best.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with a bunch of intimidatingly good suppliers. And because we want to be besties with these tip top peeps — all these passionate and brilliant folk are as local as Tubbs and Edward.


E2 0AH

Owned by Peter Sergeant

Peter has been selling traditional cuts of meat at the butchers shop for over 40 years.

Peter will tell you proudly that his shop actually dates from 1860 and he became visibly excited when I began talking about the centuries-old tradition of butchery in Whitechapel

 “There’s not many of my old East End customers left anymore and I was close to calling it a day,” he confided to me, “but I’ve found that the young people who are moving in, they want to buy their meat from a proper butcher’s shop.”

Call Peter on 020 7739 8185 or pop down to the shop on Bethnal Green Road.


E17 6BH

Created by Richard Smith and Helen Lerner

BEE17 is a small scale beekeeping operation located in the heart of Walthamstow Village. We pride ourselves on producing the best quality raw honey for our customers whilst supporting local organisations in providing forage for pollinator species. Our honey is sold in selected outlets across Walthamstow or at a number of pop-up shops held within the Village throughout the year.  

Email Richard:


Various locations including Broadway Market

Founded by Ted

The team at Ted’s have been farming now for at least four generations. The farm is in Lincolnshire and they sell across London in the farmers markets.

I came across them in my local market in Walthamstow and loved the quality and care.

Ted’s Veg is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, home grown harvested produce, as well as sourcing the best exotic produce from around the world.

None of their crops are grown using chemicals so you can rely on organic natural and ethical produce.​

Find out where your local Ted’s Veg farmers market is here:

Dalston’s Soda

E3 4AG

Founded by Duncan O’Brien

Their craft sodas began life in a club in Dalston.
There’s nothing soft about them. They’re rockstars made by our founder and chef Duncan with a knack for blending, balancing and bringing out the best in real fruit. That’s why they don’t pack them with a boat-load of sugar.

What’s more, they’re refreshingly responsible – out to do the right thing by our planet and its people.
Because ours is soda with soul. And it does more than just sparkle.

Find Dalston’s at your local good supermarket and shops around Dalston.

If you know a great supplier local to us, or are one yourself – get in touch

We have our eyes peeled for more of the best